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In the middle of this picture you can spot my great grandma, who worked as a typesetter at a printing house.

I’ve always loved a good story,
no matter the medium.

Which is why I’m lucky to have made a career as a storyteller. I weave them out of words and shape them through images. The worst thing for a good story is to go unheard, which is why I’m happy you’re here.


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“Rare expertise”

Susanna has rare expertise to combine visuals & text in content creation: she is not only a visual designer but also a very gifted content creator who can grasp even the most complex issues and turn those into compelling stories.


“A work friend everyone should have”

Susanna is able to produce customer-oriented text often on a fast schedule and also on difficult topics. As a person, she is easy to approach and trustworthy. She is a co-worker everyone should have.


“Strong project management skills”

Even with tight schedules, Susanna can see a project from start to finish, while still being easy and fun to work with.


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