pyorea_omakuvaI’m a creative content-ninja with an eye for the visual and mad writing skills. My current co-workers describe me as a project-coordinating multitalent with an aura of zen with even the deadliest of deadlines. My most recent title was ‘food humanist’​ which sums my background neatly. In my freetime I run, hike and play video games. I’m also a fan of lists.



My three greatest achievements career-wise (so far):
✔ Co-writing a book about finnish seasonal food culture and history (Satokauden ruokaa, 2016)
✔ Helping Finns choose their new national food (rye bread!)
✔ Helping create and grow a content-driven project with 14 finnish museums around food culture

My best qualities as heard from my past and current colleagues:
✔ Has stars in her eyes when focused on making great content
✔ Incubator of ideas
✔ Systematic slow speed
✔ Modest multitalent

It’s been said my most amazing skills are:
✔ Writing and content creation
✔ Highly developed visual eye and graphic skills
✔ Independent thinking and doing

Scroll down a bit and you can look at my CV, and why not check out my portfolio too if you’re curious?

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