Why looking at dead horses might be good for you

'Tis the time of sales, shopping and the sacred. Because of that, I’ve been thinking about an unexpected run-in with the sacred I had this past Autumn. It got me thinking – could the concept of sacred be useful for someone like me, at times like these?I was visiting Toni R.Toivonen's exhibition at Galerie Forsblom. …

Posing with pulla – can self-portraits shed a light on our relationship with food?

Pulla is a finnish traditional pastry, similar to the world-famous cinnamon roll. In her self-portrait Symbioosi (symbiosis) finnish artist Iiu Susiraja poses with pulla in a way reminiscent of the icons of Virgin Mary.  In my previous post I wrote about arts ability to grant perspective on cultural phenomena. In this blog post I'd like to invite you to see with me, if art can act as guide to questions about body image. In other words: what can self-portraits show us about our relationship with food?